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Our Results

Here are a few examples of the value we have delivered to our clients:

Guided chocolate producer's market relaunch - from package design, to trade show presentation - which resulted in over 300 new client contacts willing to consider purchase, plus sales orders from three corporate clients for Christmas sales in excess of $75,000TTD (compared to less than $5,000 in the comparable period in the previous year).

Worked along with a technology service provider to reposition its company and its offerings - resulting in a more focused approach to clients and an improvement in their prospecting success rate from 40% to 80%.

Developed systems for service provider in the quality assurance and testing arena - by communicating with customers to better understand their needs, they were able to reposition their portfolio to be seen by clients as a solution rather than a burden. The company has had a significant increase in requests for diagnostic and preemptive quality audits and has increased its visibility and reputation as a trusted partner to key stakeholders in its industry.

Worked alongside staff members of a financial service provider to tele-survey high net worth clients to receive feedback on their service and get information on client needs. This service gave staff a more intimate understanding of client needs, which translated into improved company reputation with clients and lower client migration to other providers.

What results can we help you achieve?

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