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So below are the latest best laptops for blender. When it comes to making a choice about laptops, we can only consider one thing – affordability and portability. We all know how important these things are and how they influence the entire computing experience. Therefore let’s take a look at some of the latest options […]

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Are Odessa ladies actually that beautiful? This concern puzzles minds of many men throughout the globe. And all it considers the real solution is to see a minimum of among them. Listen though, your world may never be the same. It is indeed a trap one can never ever get out from. You will fall […]

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A guy can not live without a female he requires a female like air or food and a Odessa woman can not live without a guy. Despite the fact that they live near each other, they should make some efforts to find each other and also meet. This implies both males and females shall discover […]

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A lot of folks want their bathroom to always be clean and white, but that is constantly hampered by something. It happens that someplace rust or stains start to look, and you will need to get rid of them. Today on Our Own Hands we shall talk about ways to wash out the bathtub at […]

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Fix is a sore subject for the majority of owners of state houses and apartments. Often it takes a great deal of investment of effort and money to give the rooms a stylish modern appearance. You do not know how to make repairs in the apartment along with your own hands cheap and quick? Replacing […]

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Exotic paintings have emerged in our insides not such a long time ago. Nevertheless, they’ve very quickly gained recognition. And it is not surprising, because they permit you to multi-facetedly decorate the space. In this instance it isn’t required to create exceptional efforts, in addition to to devote a lot of cash. To be able […]

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A gazebo is appropriate for any nation site, since it lets you relax with relaxation. Metal construction will ensure the joy of rest for many years. Create a summerhouse gazebo can be produced with your own hands. To do this you have to pick the technologies of installation, the version of the gazebo as well […]

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It is already impossible to imagine a private home without a comfy veranda. To glaze it, you’ll require a lot of monetary costs. Sliding windows will be able to allow you to save on materials, as they are not inferior to similar systems in terms of functionality. Characteristics The peculiarity of slipping systems is a […]

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For many landowners, one of the priority tasks is to make whole use of the entire available land region of a large size. However, there are those who possess the exact opposite job – the best way to plant a vegetable garden to a little scheme, where to shoot space for several of the […]

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Even occasional visits to the country house will grow more comfortable with the access to hot water, because after finishing all the work in the backyard it’s great to have a warm shower. After the family goes to live in the nation for the whole summer, the relevance of water heating raises. You can solve […]

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  • Revenue Growth and Targeted Market Development

    Our years of working in consumer marekting have given us a real understanding of what buyers look for so we help you sell more effectively! We can help you define and engage your target market to grow your market share and increase revenue.

  • Positioning

    We deliver insight into what your customers' problems are so we help you position your company so that they "see" you as “their” solution.

  • Dedicated Business Support

    Sandstone Consulting is a boutique consultancy dedicated to supporting businesses to achieve sustainable levels of growth and profitability. We offer hands-on project based and ongoing business development support to entrepreneurs across a range of industries.

  • Strong Customer Relationships

    We understand that running a successful business is all about relationships – old and new. We will help you maintain relations with critical stakeholders and extend them long into the future. We work with you to build your customer base to drive sustainable business growth. We don’t neglect the crucial importance of nurturing your relationship with your existing clients in the process.


  • Performance Improvement

    We are the perfect partner for companies that are committed to maximizing sales, customer service, and profit margins. Our clients realize results yielding on average 2 times their investment and in addition, significant margin improvements within two to three years of working with us.

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“Our interaction was due to a client-consultant relationship whilst I was Manager. I found Terri-Ann to be friendly yet very professional in her approach. She displayed vast knowledge in strategic planning as she guided the management team in developing the company’s strategic plan. She  was straightforward yet tactful in giving advice and direction to managers and executive. She made a tremendous impact in the company’s first experience in using a participative approach to its strategic planning process. Personally, I felt Terri-Ann acted as a coach as she was always willing to share her knowledge with me. Working with Terri-Ann  allowed me to develop as a professional given that I was able to hone my analytical and questioning skills.”


Charlene Pedro, BSc., MBA

Principal Consultant

Conventus Consultinc – Your HR Business Partner

Fitt Court,

9-11 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, 

Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Mobile: 868-352-0423




“Terri Ann is always ready to engage at a profound level to ensure that I am acting from my soul force to realise my true potential.  Because I do it for others, I am committed to having someone in my life who does that for me … and I need  the best.

As a result of our interactions in my business I stay real, authentic, and grounded; my business remains an extension of me and evolving.”

Dianne Job

Performance Architect & Life Coach




“Terri Ann’s effectiveness is rooted in her sober approach to problem solving and total commitment to finding a suitable solution and then executing it according to plan, in a professional, firm but pleasant and engaging manner.”

Judith Francis

Senior Programme Coordinator Science & Technology Policy

CTA Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation Netherlands





Mrs. Barbara Chandler-Bridgewater is the founder and creative director of The Discovery Learning Forum and the Inventor of The River Lime Game. Her work is in support of improving the ability of teachers to deliver their various curriculum and increasing the learning ability and capacity of students. and 


On February 10th 2016, she gave her feedback assessment to Sandstone Consulting on our intervention for Branding and Positioning of her company during the period Nov 2015 to Jan 2016. Her comments are summarized here:



Barbara Chandler-Bridgewater

Founder and Creative Director of The Discovery Learning Forum

The Discovery Learning Forum


Katherine Bethel_0



I have known Terri Ann Brathwaite for over 20 years as an astute and successful Leader in the field of Retail and Distribution. In recent years her reputation of working with Business owners as a Consultant and Coach drew my attention to her as I noticed the growth and transformation of the companies she worked with.  In 2017, my company was at a stage where it was in need of a Strategic Analysis of our current status due to the impact of intense foreign competition and a challenging economy. This was necessary so that we can better manage and Grow our Business more efficiently.  When I started working with Terri Ann I soon realized that her competencies and in-depth insights impacted me and my team from day one. Working with Terri-Ann during 2017 has caused us to have better insights, and allowed us to have a clearer view of our strengths and weaknesses. This exercise gave birth to our Business Re-Structuring Plan all re-engineered by the help, interventions and support of Mrs. Brathwaite.

Her Coaching and Consultations sessions provided the following value to our company:


  1. An in-depth scope and identification of our internal organizational  gaps
  2. An effective and Restructured Organization flow
  3. An enhanced and Proposed Managerial team
  4. Growth in awareness of the Family Roles in the Business
  5. A Systemized and Monitored Trade Selling System
  6. An enhanced Business Model
  7. A refreshed awareness of our Brand
  8. A Re-aligned Strategic 3-5 year Business Plan


The above-mentioned achievements for 2017 would not have been possible with the interventions of Mrs. Joseph-Brathwaite, I give God much thanks for sending her my way.

I cannot thank Terri-Ann enough for the work she has done, her wonderful insight, her support, her encouragement and her belief in our company.

Our company is embarking on a new path and I am so excited! 





Katherine Bethel

Managing Director

B’s Ice Cream Ltd

Trinidad and Tobago




HBC Services was incorporated in December 2014 with a view to offering affordable websites for small and medium enterprises. While we were comfortable in the technical aspects of the business we were in, we were struggling with how to present and market in order to bring in the type of clients that we needed. We started attending training sessions which targeted entrepreneurs to improve our business skills, one such session was offered by Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (ALJGSB) BizBooster incubator entitled “Marketing for SMEs” in November 2015. The panellists presented on different aspects but the one by Terri-Ann Brathwaite from Sandstone Consulting really stood out to me; it was one of those presentations that “speak to you”. The content of her presentation wowed me as it touched on all the areas that we felt uncertain about and we also realised that while we were focusing on making sure we had the best product offering and packages, Terri-Ann’s spotlight is always on the customer. “Business success is not determined by the producer but by the customer”- Peter Drucker; I hurriedly wrote this down as Terri-Ann said it; thus was my introduction to Terri- Ann Brathwaite as an audience member attending a ALJGSB BizBooster event.
We officially enrolled in the BizBooster incubator programme in 2016. Terri-Ann was assigned as our Mentor, we were so excited that the person who I had seen present was now to assist us to make strategic improvements to our business. Since we were in operation about a year, we had been able to acquire a few clients in our target grouping, small businesses like us, however we were having cash flow issues. Terri-Ann was the facilitator for one of the training sessions of the incubator programme entitled “Business Development and Marketing”. This 2 day course exposed us to theory on the market planning process and practical exercises on evaluating the current marketing situation, customer analysis and developing strategies for 3 initiatives that would be implemented in our business.
Our one-on-one mentor sessions with Terri-Ann helped us to define what our business is about and helped us focus. Terri-Ann helped us to realise that we were focusing on the wrong target market for the services that we offered. While we were focusing on structuring our web packages into price levels ie the product, we should have been focusing on the customer, their needs and how our service could provide solutions to their business problems in innovative ways. Her insights as our mentor and the 2 day course helped us to pivot and we count it as a significant event in our business history. Each session with Terri-Ann helped us to make a fundamental change in our business, she helped us better define the business we were in. As a result, we changed the type of customers we were targeting, the way we introduced our services to name but a few and thus became more customer focused. Terri-Ann instructed us to do a complete evaluation of what the customer needs are, how our services could provide solutions to our potential clients and were rewarded with better quality clients who have signed subscription based contracts with us; thus we now have long term customer relationships instead of short term transactional arrangements.
We now approach all decisions with Terri-Ann’s advice and guidance in mind – how is what we are planning going to result in solutions to a customer’s problem, can we use this software to solve multiple business problems, how can we better utilise the skills of the team to offer more comprehensive solutions. The contracts that we have been awarded now are worth 10 times more than our invoices just 2 years ago. We were able to immediately implement Terri-Ann’s guidance and solutions and saw improvements very quickly. Terri-Ann provided invaluable advice and guidance during our negotiations with one of our largest clients which allowed us to secure double our initial asking price. We were able to negotiate professionally and avoid mistakes a novice would typically make when dealing with more experienced negotiators. The negotiations took over a year, but in the end, we were able to agree on a contract that provided the client with a superior solution and us with a major influential client.
While HBC Services has a long way to go, with Terri-Ann’s coaching, HBC is like a pull back race car; she pulled us back from the direction we were heading, pointed us in the right direction, helping us take off in a better direction for our business.


Yours sincerely


Dulcie Furlonge
HBC Services



9975fb_profilepicKudos to you and Ms. Brathwaite and the Small Business Initiative team at GATE! The sessions were quite informative, instructive and timely. I have experienced a sort of paradigm shift in my business outlook: It will not be business as usual at Amphoebean Trails Travel & Tours! I am not going to simply, ‘passively’ rely on my website to attract visitors but will vigorously, ‘aggressively’ seek out my potential customers (hotels, colleges etc) because, according to Terri-Ann, that would be like hanging a sign on a tree…if no one passes by, no one sees it!


In contrast to the plethora of seminars and workshops I have attended in the past (hosted by other agencies), that one was not clinical and full of rhetoric; you two were a dynamic duo! You really made us face the stark reality that we really did not have a full grasp of our business ideas and that we needed to rethink our positions in order to maximize our potentials (and profits!).


Two main points that resonate with me are: a) an entrepreneur, contrary to popular opinion, is not necessarily a risk-taker: If I study my market and its vagaries I will know how to “bob and weave” around the potential dangers! b) an entrepreneur is market-driven and customer oriented: We must know, respect and appreciate our customers and, most importantly, what the business is selling to the customer is not the same as what the customer is buying! For instance, when I sell a tour (sun, sea, sand, historic sites etc), the visitor is buying into my promise to satisfy his/her need for individual attention, pampering, VIP treatment!


I particularly enjoyed the group, elevator pitch and studio sessions. I cherish the time spent with the other small business persons who share similar concerns and aspirations. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met with others with whom I could collaborate or partner with in future endeavours. I have learnt a great deal from each participant.


I would be extremely delighted to participate in other entrepreneurial workshops facilitated by GATE. I wish both you and Ms. Braithwaite success in your endeavours and hope that you return for future training sessions.



Best Regards,

Vellie Benta
(268)728 2088/723 3998
Amphoebean Trails Travel & Tours