In the event you use presets from Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, here is a brand new approach to them that you find intriguing. Visual Flow’s”lighting condition-based development” is a brand new means of creating presets. As its name suggestsit takes into consideration lighting conditions in the images, making these presets different from others currently in the market. There is also a design toolkit that allows you perform all the retouching function in Lightroom and ACR. Thus, let’s jump into these and see what they offer and how they work. Visual Flow is the result of a collaboration between SLR Lounge and DVLOP. They have develop”lighting condition-based development,” which is a patent-pending method of image processing. Thus, how can it be different from other presets you can purchase or create yourself? The men explain that many presets do not work as: They just operate in excellent lighting and weather conditions, they dismiss color differences between camera manufacturers , they need substantial tweaks and adjustments, or they lack intuitive names and business. How do Visual Flow’s presets work? SLR Lounge clarifies that image development begins with DVLOP’s camera profile technology. It”combines raw files involving camera makes/models and provides more consistent color burning by its use of Double Illuminant Profiles.” Subsequently, Visual multitasking’s light condition-based development comes to the scene. As the user, you want to identify the main lighting condition from the image and select the preset for that light condition. “The Flow algorithms happen Lightroom Presets Slr Lounge more and apply the Color Engine while correcting it to the selected lighting state.” This means that Visual Flow presets are practically a one-click solution we have always wanted to get with presets (but to tell the truth, we haven’t. At least so far). Here are a couple examples of pictures before and after viewing. These were edited from Lightroom, and most of them with one click, according to Visual Flow’s site: Backlight preset Soft light preset Hard lighting preset Retouching Toolkit Apart from the innovative presets, Visual Flow has also launched a retouching toolkit to get Lightroom and ACR. You will find 47 retouching brushes and 26 applications for innovative editing directly in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. What does this imply to get photographers? Well, things you used to perform in Photoshop can be carried out in Lightroom or ACR. It is possible to moisturize skin, eyes, and lips, dodge and burnoff; add sun flares; improve heavens; and more. I personally adore this, because I prefer working in Lightroom only and that I miss a few of these things, I have to open Images in Photoshop to perform them properly. Again, here are a couple of before/after examples: Dodge and burn Sun flare If you are thinking, you can get three unique packs on Visual Flow’s website. They feature presets and/or retouching toolkit, and they’re priced between $95 and $165. You might even check out more pictures on Instagram. [through SLR Lounge]

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